Frequently Asked Questions

We will add more questions and answers to this page as they evolve!

Who comes to this course?

People from all walks of life who share an enthusiasm for sacred Renaissance choral music and want to learn from recognized professionals in the field.  In the past, participants have included recent high school graduates to retired folks, choir directors, choir members, graduate students pursuing music as a career, and amateurs outside of the musical profession who love singing and want to immerse themselves in a week of glorious music.  Lasting friendships are formed through a mutual love of the repertoire.

How do I get there?

The seminary and Boston College ("BC") are easy to get to via public transportation.  From Boston's Logan airport, take the free shuttle to the T (Boston's transit system), transfer to the B leg of the Green Line, and BC and the seminary are the last stop.  By train:  arrive at Back Bay Station, walk two blocks to Copley Square and take the B leg of the Green Line to the last stop. 

However:  The B Line will have a travel disruption the week of our course due to bridge repair (again!  They're working on the other direction this year.)  If taking the T, we strongly recommend you take the "D" line to Reservoir, get out and hail a cab to take you the rest of the way to Boston College. There is a cab stand at the Reservoir stop, and the fare should be $10-$15.  BC has assigned Gabelli Hall to our group this year.

Fares:  One-way T fare:  $2.75

Taxi from Logan Airport to Boston College:  approximately $50.00

Taxi from Back Bay Amtrak station to Boston College:  approximately $28.00

Lyft rideshare from Logan:  $22.20 estimate

Lyft rideshare from Back Bay:  $14.64 estimate

How many singers will there be?

About 40 to 50 singers is the ideal number.  There will be a variety of configurations, from full group to 1/3 group (each working with one of the tutors) to optional and free-form small groups you may put together on your own.

What music should I bring?

An e-mail has been sent to accepted applicants with a list of downloadable scores.  Please print these out double-sided and bring them with you.  In addition to these, other scores have been purchased which will be available when you arrive; the estimated cost is around $25, which you can pay during the course week.  Some of last year's singers have asked if the Tudor book will be needed.  Not unless you want to sing something from it in a small group.

Small groups:  If you want to free-form a small group, you need not restrict yourself to our 2018 Spanish theme.  Please bring scores of anything you would like to work on, presumably Medieval, Renaissance, or Early Baroque.

What exactly is a "small group"?

A small group is an ad-hoc ensemble you form on your own to work on repertoire you select/bring with you.  Time will be set aside each day for small group get-togethers.  You are not required to take part; if you prefer to rest or do something else during that time, that's fine.  If you want to be in a small group but don't know how to go about it, we will help you either form one or find you a spot in someone's group.

What should we wear?

Friday Evening Concert dress:  Men - black shirt, black trousers; Women - black top and either below-the-knee black skirt or black trousers.  The Wednesday afternoon informal half-hour concert takes place in a historic Copley Square Episcopal church, so no shorts, halter tops, bare backs, etc.   For general rehearsals, casual warm weather attire is fine.  Keep in mind that this course takes place in a seminary, so modesty should prevail (no short shorts, exercise attire, halter tops, bare backs, sleepwear, T-shirts with rude slogans, etc.)   The seminary rehearsal rooms and chapel are air-conditioned.

The "Events" page lists some concerts with the designation "Suggested donation".  What's that about?

Participants in the course are admitted to all events free of charge.  These events are also open to the public, and the seminary is not permitted to charge admission to any of them; however, they may "suggest" donations.  Donations will go toward a scholarship fund for this course in subsequent years.

I've been accepted; when should I arrive?

The Boston College dorm rooms are not available until 3:00 pm Saturday July 28.  We anticipate having a meet-and-greet late in the afternoon at the seminary and then commencing the course's activities. 

I have services to play/sing for the following weekend. When is the course over?

The last event will be the Friday night post-concert party, which you won't want to miss!  We must vacate the Boston College dorm by 10:00 am on Saturday, August 4.